Visual Fault Locator

Part Code: 42180


Visual Fault Locator provides a stable visible red light for users to easily locate fiber faults, broken or micro-bend in installation or maintenance of optical network. With the modulation function, it is also applicable for end-to-end fiber identification. Useful while installation & labeling fiber cores.

Key Features

  • Pocket size and lightweight
  • Constant and stable output power
  • CW or 2Hz modulated signal
  • Low battery warning.
  • Up to 40 hours of battery life


  • Technical Specification

    Central Wavelength:650nm  ±10
    Emitter:Fabry Perot-Laser Diode (FP-LD)
    Output Power:1mw/ 10mw/ 15mw
    Connector:2.5mm universal
    Battery:AAA (2pcs)
    Operating Time:40 Hrs.
    Operating Temperature:-10 to +60 (0C)
    Storage Temperature:-25 to +70 (0C)
    Dimension:100mm * 30mm * 18 mm
    Weight:60 grams