OTDR, 5.6 Inches Screen, Multi Mode

Part Code: 46180


3C3® OTDR is designed for the simple operation and accurate test. OTDRs are well equipped for troubleshooting problems. They allow you to visually locate reflective events like connections and fiber breaks and non-reflective events like splices and tight bends by studying the graphical trace. The power difference between two points on the trace is an estimate of optical loss. It can be widely used in the field like installation, maintenance and emergency repair and also suitable for the fiber cable research and test.

Key Features

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Touch screen and rubber keypad operations
  • Interchangeable FC/SC/ST connector
  • Optional OPM/OLS/OLT/Event Map function are available
  • Up to 20 hours’ standby time
  • Covered under 3C3® Standard Product Warranty


  • Technical Specifications

    Dynamic Range:26/30dBm
    Event/ Attenuation Dead-zone:1m/6 m
    Screen:5.6” LCD Touch Screen
    Pulse width:5ns / 10ns/ 50ns/ 160ns/ 320ns/ 500ns/ 1000ns/ 5000ns/ 10000ns/ 20000ns
    Test Range:500m /1km /2km /4km /8km /16km /32km
    Test Accuracy:±(0.75m+sampling interval+0.005%×test distance)
    IL Accuracy:±0.05 dB
    Reflection Accuracy:±3 dB
    Data Storage:≥2000
    Data Port:USB, mini-USB, 10/100M Ethernet port
    VFL Output Power:≥5mW
    OLS Output Power:≥-5dBm
    OPM Range:-50~+26dBm or -70~+6dBm
    Battery:Lithium Battery 7.4V 5000mAh
    Power Supply:AC/DC Adapter, AC:100~240V ,50/60Hz,0.6A
    Operating Temperature:50C~500C
    Storage Temperature:-200C ~700C
    Humidity:0~ 95%
    Weight:≤1.1 kg
    Dimension:227 * 160 * 70 mm