Optical Power Source

Part Code: 43C80


Optical Power Source is part of the toolbox essentials working in pair with optical power meters to measure the optical attenuation and eliminate the faults when telecom engineers/technicians install or maintain optical fiber networks. 3C3® series laser sources are well designed for first-class versatility, it offers stabilized laser signal, as well as various wavelengths. With a rugged design, the laser sources are built for top ruggedness, perfect for the harsh test conditions to verify the continuity and evaluate fiber link transmission quality.

Key Features

  • High stabilization, built-in optic isolator
  • 270Hz, 1 KHz, 2KHz modulation output
  • Auto-Wave ID output, works with 3C3® power meters
  • Energy save mode
  • 1~3 wavelengths output from one port
  • Covered under 3C3® Standard Product Warranty


  • Technical Specification

    Wavelength:SM : 1310/1550nm
    :MM : 850/1300nm
    Stabilization *:±0.05dB / 1 hour; 0.1dB / 8 hours
    Output Power:SM : > – 6dBm @ 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm/1625nm
    :MM : > -10 dBm @ 850nm/1300nm
    Modulation:270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz
    Connector:FC/PC (Fixed)
    Wave ID:Yes
    Auto Power Off:No operation in 10 minutes (can be canceled), Low battery energy
    Battery Charge:Yes
    Operate Time:Above 16 hours
    Power Supply:AA * 3 batteries or AC/DC power supply adapter
  • General Specification

    Size(H*W*D):190 * 90 * 40 mm
    Storage Temperature:-20 ~ +600C, < 90%RH
    Operating Temperature:-10 ~ +500C, < 90%RH