Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine Kit

Part Code: 42080


Optical Fiber Splicing Machine is an optical fiber fusion splicer, deployed for fusion and protection of Optical fiber cables. Profile Alignment System (PAS) Technology is adopted in this machine for high-speed image processing and special precision positioning which automatically completes the whole process of fiber fusion typically in 8 seconds. This machine has Low splice loss and is adaptive for fiber splicing in various environments. It is dust-resistant, water-resistant and shock-resistant. There are Multiple fusion modes and heating modes available. Fiber loading is convenient and accurate using the ceramic V-groove of high precision. The inbuilt digital LCD monitor displays all steps of fiber fusion clearly, which simplifies the operation. Lithium-ion battery of large-capacity ensures long-time field operations. Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine Tool Kit comes with Standard Accessories

Key Features

  • Profile Alignment System (PAS) Technology
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • 5” Color TFT Screen
  • Store 8000 groups of splice results
  • Pre-optimized /User editable programs for splice and heat
  • High capacity Li-ion battery, up to 200 times of continuous splice and heat


  • Technical Specification

    Applicable Fiber:SMF (G.652/657), MMF (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZDSF (G.655)
    Diameter -Cladding / Sheath:80-150μm / 100-1000μm
    Cleave Length:5 to 16 mm
    Splice loss typical:0.02dB (SM), 0.01dB (MM), 0.04dB (DSF) and 0.04dB (NZDSF)
    Return Loss typical:≥ 60dB
    Splice Time:8 sec (Auto Mode)
    Tension test:1.96 to 2.25N
    Electrode life:3000 splices
    Tube heat time:35sec (Built-in tube heater/ Auto Start)
    Protection sleeve length:60mm, 40mm, 20mm
    Fiber view and magnification:2 CMOS Camera,  X / Y (320X magnification), or both X and Y simultaneously (200X magnification)
    Size/ weight (L x W x H):122mm x 122mm x 130mm
    Weight:2.0Kg (Including Battery)
    Interface:USB port for Software upgrade only
    Operating Condition:Altitude : 0 to 5,000m above sea level, Wind : 15m/sec Temperature : -10 to 50deg C, Humidity : 0 to 95%RH
    Power Supply:AC : 100~240V, DC : 10 ~ 15V