MPO to LC Breakout Cable

Part Code: 7BCDE-XXXX


MPO to LC Breakout cabling system is ideally suited for high density environment that demands space saving cable density and innovative cable management solutions. MPO connectors have realized multiple fiber connexions within a conventional cable, this advantage allows data center designers to deploy ten or twenty times of fiber counts in same storage. Simply install the MPO trunk cable within the building and connect to rear of a MPO Patch Panel or fan out.

Key Features

  • Conformance to Telcordia GR-1435 Core, ANSI/TIA-568.3-D, ANSI/TIA 604-5, IEC 61754-7
  • High precision guide pins for exact alignment
  • Plug and Play
  • High Density interconnect with 8F, 12F, 20F, 24F options
  • Removable housing for quick change of pin clamps and easy ferrule cleaning/re-polishing
  • Single-Mode and Multi-Mode color coded housings
  • Alignment achieved with high precision guide pins
  • Push/Pull mating for quick assembly
  • Covered under 3C3® Performance Warranty


  • Technical Specification

    TypeWavelengthI.L TypeI.L  MaxR.L Min
    MPO /PC (MM)850nm/1300nm0.25dB0.35dB≥30dB
    MPO/PC (SM)1310nm/1550nm0.25dB0.35dB≥50dB
    LC/PC (MM)850nm/1300nm0.20dB0.35dB≥30dB
    LC/PC (SM)1310nm/1550nm0.20dB0.35dB≥50dB
    MPO Cable diameter:3mm
    Breakout Cable diameter:2mm
    Insert Pull Test:1000times <0.5dB
    Interchange:< 0.5dB
    Anti-Tensile Force:15kgF
    Operating Temperature:-40 to +85 degree Celsius