Fiber Stripper

Part Code: 42082


The RJ45 Port Blocker/Plug is designed to enable port protection in standard RJ45 copper ports. It is highly recommended for Data Centre, Work area applications and where the physical security is a prime Importance. Auto lock the Jack by inserting the RJ45 port blocker and to unlock the jack you should use the key.

Key Features

  • Soft plastic-cushioned handle grip, and super accurate hardened stripping jaws, ensuring smooth clean stripping action.
  • Consistent quality of stripping
  • Covered under 3C3® Standard Product Warranty


  • Mechanical Specification

    Cut Type:Strip
    Cable type:Jacket, Buffer, Acrylate Coating
    Cable Diameter:125 micron, 250 micron, 900 micron, 1.6-3.0 mm
    Handle:Thermoplastic Rubber
    Color:Orange Handle
    Length:152 mm
    Weight:140 Grams