Fiber Panel Adapter Plate

Part Code: 63CD4-X


The adaptor plates are preloaded with coupler and can snap in for installation and can be removed easily for future changes. Blank future expansion adapter plate reserves fiber adaptor panel space for future use

Key Features

  • Flexible configuration, fast Installation
  • Unloaded adapter plate for future expansion or Blank plate options
  • Pull buckle fixed for easy access
  • Suitable for LC Duplex, SC Duplex
  • High Precision of Mechanical Dimensions
  • Available in 4 Cutout, 2 Cutout & DIN Rail
  • Available for OS2, OM2, OM3 & OM4


  • Technical Specifications

    Insertion Loss (Typical):

    Single Mode <0.3dB

    Multi Mode <0.5dB

    Durability:≤0.1dB, 1000 times
    Maximum Capacity6 LC Duplex, 3 SC Duplex
    Operating Temperature:-250C ~ +700C