Fiber Optic Cable Slitter

Part Code: 42085


Longitudinal cable sheath slitter is designed to slit the aluminum – Polyethylene bonded sheath, steel armor outer sheath and a metal reinforcing member sheathed cable. The cutter depth can be adjustable to deal with different thickness of the optical cable sheath layer. Operation is more simple, quick and convenient.

Key Features

  • Perfect tool for cutting jackets from a variety of fiber optic cable
  • V-opening in blade
  • Works with standard 30-10 AWG (0.05-6mm) wire in addition to fiber optic cable
  • Adjustable blades with a screwdriver for various size cables
  • Economical tool for multiple cables
  • Covered under 3C3® Standard Product Warranty


  • Mechanical Specification

    Fiber Diameter:10~25 mm
    Dimension:208 x 88 x 36 mm