Fiber Cassette Cleaner

Part Code: 42280


Fiber Cassette Cleaner is essential accessory to maintain and guarantee good quality of fiber optic connection. It is the best non-alcohol cleaning method for various fiber optic terminations which is simply and swiftly used. Box tape replacement is offered. Fiber Cassette Cleaner features easily replaceable tape cartridge. Central push button operation offers ease of use for left handed right handed operation. Anti-static material is adopted for body and replacement cartridge.

Key Features

  • Special non-alcohol superfine fiber.
  • Well-handled and antistatic.
  • Friendly using, efficient cleaning.
  • Easy to replace the tape
  • No of Cleaning time 500+ per tape
  • Level of cleaning is 100microns


  • Specifications

    • Application: SC, FC, ST, MU, LC, MPO, MTRJ (w/o pins)
    • Dimensions: 115mm x 79mm x 32mm
    • Cleaning times: 500+ per box