Data Cable Length Measuring & Fault Locator

Part Code: 41184


High Speed Gigabit Ethernet UTP 250 MHz Class E / Category 6 Cable Consists of HDPE Insulated 8 x 23AWG Solid Bare Electrolytic Grade Copper Conductors Twisted as 4 Pairs, RipCord and FRPVC Outer Jacket. These Structured Cable Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) Requirement for Applications such as High-Speed Data, Voice & Video Signals over LANs, Server Farms and Other Bandwidth Sensitive Indoor Applications. This cable guarantees Category 6 performance ensuring maximum network speed, data throughput, and efficiency

Key Features

  • The Lan tester can check UTP and STP Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A and coaxial cable
  • It can identify and locate the distance of open or short circuit
  • With the multifunction tester we can determine the continuity and wiring of the cable pattern
  • Comes with the low battery indicator
  • It uses TDR (time domain reflectometer) to measure the length and distance of the cable
  • LCD backlight display
  • There are 8 remote ID available
  • Memory mode for 8 memory test results
  • Covered under 3C3® Standard Product Warranty


  • Technical Specification

    Display:LCD Module (64 mm x 33 mm)
    Connector Type:RJ45, RJ12 ( RJ11 ) & F connector
    Cable Type:Shielded or unshielded, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7
    Error Status:Open circuit, short circuit, cross circuit and split pairs
    Measure Type:Measures cable length via TDR
    Checks and verifies wire map
    Generates two different tracing tones to help identify users
    Cable Length & Accuracy:Accuracy of the length measurement is ± 5 %
    length: 1~350 meters (3~1200 feet)
    Minimum Cable Length For Testing of Split Pairs:1 meter (3 feet)
    Power Source:9 Volt battery
    Detects a low battery condition.
    Turns Off Automatically:Auto-off in any mode and low power consumption for long battery life
    Physical Dimension:195 mm (L) , 90 mm (W) , 40 mm (H)
    Input protection:Protection against excess voltage, transients ringer signal
    Operating Temperature:00C to 500C
    Storage Temperature:-100C to 600C
    Humidity:-10 % to 90 % non-condensing