Category 6A Shielded Keystone Outlet

Part Code: 12319


Cat6A Keystone Outlet 1800, RJ45 confirm to Class EA performance. The Press-Fit technology is able to complete the insertion of the IDC and RJ-45 contacts into a PTH (Plated-Through Hole) on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The connection is established without using solder. Press-Fit technology connections avoid quality problems such as cold spots, voids, splatters, and cracks and its highly reliable than soldering. Press-Fit technology does not use solder, it uses no lead (Pb) and there is no extra heat on the Connections, it makes the connections clean, reliable, and meets RoHS standards.

Key Features

  • New press fit technology with fully RoHS Compliant (No Solder –No Leads)
  • No punch down tool required for installation
  • 180-degree design.
  • Die-cast housing provide EMI, RFI and excellent AXT suppression.
  • Provides excellent work in suppressing internal magnetic coupling up to bandwidth of 500MHz.
  • ANSI/TIA 568.D-2
  • IEC/ISO 11801, IEC 60603-7-41


  • Mechanical Specification

    Shield Material:Zinc alloy
    Contact Material:Phosphor Bronze, Tin (8Pins- Gold Plating)
    Plastic Housing:PC UL94V2
    Plug Insertion Life (RJ45 Contacts):≥ 750 Cycles
    Plug and Jack Contact force:≥ 100 Grams with FCC Compliant RJ-45 plug
    Plug retention Force:≥ 11lbf
    Durability (IDC Life):200 termination cycles
    Plastic Parts type:High impact flame retardant plastic
    PCB Material & Thickness:FR-4,1.2mm thickness
    Jack wire material and thickness:0.35mm Phosphor bronze gold over nickel plating
    IDC Conductor:0.5mm Phosphor bronze , Tin-plating
    Contact Compatibility:Accommodates 23 to 26AWG solid
    Design:180 degree
  • Electrical Specification

    Insulation Resistance:≥ 500mΩ
    Contact Resistance:≤10mΩ
    Current rating:1.5 Amps
    DC Resistance:≤ 0.1Ω
    DC/AC Volt Endurance:DC1000V/AC750V 1min
    Wiring Pattern at rear end:T568A & T568B
    Minimum Return loss:14
    Maximum Insertion loss:0.45
    Minimum NEXT loss:34
    Minimum FEXT loss:29.1
    Minimum TCL:14
    Minimum TCTL:14
    Propagation Delay:<2.5 ns
    Propagation Delay Skew:<1.25 ns
    Minimum PSANEXT loss:56.5
    Minimum PSAFEXT loss:53
  • Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature:-10°C to + 60°C
    Storage Temperature:-40°C to + 68°C
    Operating Humidity:10% to 90% PH