Category 6A Unshielded Patch Panel, Loaded -1U

Part Code: 11300


Category 6A Unshielded patch panel offers fast and reliable installation of un-shielded cables, a rear cable management bar is supplied which acts as stress reliever for terminated cables. Each port of the panel is numbered for clear port identification. Patch Panel includes with mini cable ties, cage nuts and rare cable management.

Key Features

  • 19” RJ-45 Patch Panel with 24 ports on 1 U
  • Strain relief and cable management with inbuilt wire manager
  • Universal wiring – T568 A or B wiring pattern
  • Snap in type
  • ANSI/TIA-568.2-D


  • Mechanical Specification

    Panel:Metal SPCC
    Cabling Sequence:T568A & B
    Testing Condition of Transmitting
    Panel Thickness:2.5mm(Double Layer)
    Panel Colour:Black
    Each port Numbering:Yes
    Jack Type:Unshielded
    Jack Contact Material:Phosphor Bronze, Tin (8Pins- Gold Plating)
    Plastic Housing:PCUL94 V2
    Plug Insertion Life
    (RJ 45 Contacts)
    :≥ 750 Cycles
    Plug and Jack Contact Force:≥ 100 Grams with FCC Compliant RJ-45 Plug
    Plug Retention Force:≥ 15Nm
    Durability (IDC Life):200 termination cycles
  • Electrical Specification

    Insulation Resistance:≥ 500mΩ
    Contact Resistance:≤10mΩ
    Current rating:1.5 Amps
    DC Resistance:≤ 0.1Ω
    DC/AC Volt Endurance:DC1000V/AC750V 1min
    Minimum Return loss:14
    Maximum Insertion loss:0.45
    Minimum NEXT loss:34
    Minimum FEXT loss:29.1
    Minimum TCL:14
    Minimum TCTL:14
    Propagation Delay:<2.5 ns
    Propagation Delay Skew:<1.25 ns
    Minimum PSANEXT loss:56.5
    Minimum PSAFEXT loss:53
  • Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature:-10°C to + 60°C
    Storage Temperature:-40°C to + 70°C
    Humidity:10% – 90% RH