Category 6A U/UTP Patch Cord

Part Code: 20350-XXXX


High Speed 10 Gigabit U/UTP Patch Cable Grey, LSZH, C6A delivers optimal transmission and networking performance with reduced insertion loss and Alien Crosstalk. They are high performance components available in broad range of lengths and designed to meet or exceed all Cat6A specifications. 26 AWG conductors are securely mated with RJ45 plug to deliver superior performance.

Key Features

  • Quality 26 AWG Stranded flexible cable
  • High grade 50μm gold Plated RJ45 connecters
  • Improved Strain Relief boot
  • Soft latch-cover design for easy depression
  • Comply ANSI/TIA-568.2-D Standard


  • Mechanical Specification

    Conductor AWG:26
    Conductor Material:Stranded Bare Copper
    Type of Cable:U/UTP
    Number of Pairs:4
    Insulation Diameter:1.05±0.05mm
    Insulation Material:Foam Skin PE
    Insulation Thickness:0.26mm
    Jacket Type:LSZH
    Cable Diameter:6.2±0.02mm
    Jacket color:Grey
  • Electrical Specification

    Mutual Capacitance:5.6 nF per 100 m
    Conductor DC Resistance:14Ω / 100m
    Capacitance Unbalance:330 pF per 100 m
    Resistance Unbalance:4%
    Impedance:100Ω ± 15%
    Maximum Insertion Loss:54.4
    Minimum NEXT:28.4 – 29.8
    Minimum Return loss:9.5
    Minimum ACR-F:13.8
    Minimum PSNEXT:31.8
    Minimum PSACRF:10.8
    Minimum TCL:23
    Minimum Coupling Attenuation:41
    Minimum PSANEXT:52
    Minimum PSAACRF:24.2
  • Environmental Specifications

    Installation Temperature:0°C to 50°C
    Storage Temperature:-20°C to +70°C
    Operating Temperature:-10°C to +60°C