Category 6A Field Termination Plug

Part Code: 12819


Category 6A Field Terminate Plug are designed for use on Solid cable assemblies and therefore are designed to terminate to strand conductors of wire sizes from AWG 23 through AWG 26. This type of plug design accommodates large diameter cabling in the form factor of a standard RJ45 plug. FTP offers a distinct approach for connectivity for an IP-enabled IoT devices/ PoE enabled devices. Developed under MPTL for delivering custom-length cables to be terminated on-field locations for direct connections to end point devices. FTP exceeds all Category 6A performance requirements to easily support high-speed applications like 5Ghz Wi-Fi and High resolution Video cameras.

Key Features

  • IP20 rated Field Terminable Plug
  • 3600 Shielding for better EMI/EMC
  • Compatible with EN 50173 / ISO IEC 11801
  • Qualified Screened Class 6A Component
  • Permanent Link & Channel ANSI/TIA-568.2-D


  • Mechanical Specification

    Housing Material:Zinc –alloy fully shielded
    Plug Contact:T=0.35mm phosphor bronze
    Contact Area:Gold over nickel plating
    IDC Contact:T=0.4mm phosphor bronze, Sn over nickel plating
  • Electrical Specification

    Current Rating:1.5 Amps (max)
    Insulation Resistance:500MW,at 500V DC
    DC Resistance:£0.1W
    Minimum Return Loss:14
    Maximum Insertion loss:0.45
    Minimum NEXT Loss:34
    Minimum FEXT Loss:29.1
    Minimum TCL:14
    Minimum TCTL:14
    Propagation Delay:<2.5ns
    Propagation Delay Skew:<1.25ns
    Minimum PSANEXT Loss:56.5
    Minimum PSAFEXT Loss:53
  • Environmental Specifications

    Operating Temperature:-40°C to + 70°C
    Storage Temperature:-40°C to + 75°C
    Operating Humidity:10% to 90% PH