Cassette MPO to LC

Part Code: 62CDE


An MPO to LC Cassette is a pre-terminated modular system used for transition of Fiber trunk cables with MPO connectors to standard LC Fiber connections. MPO Cassette Modules are fitted with Fiber breakout cables inside and have LC adapters on the front side, MPO Adaptor at the rear. Made of High Quality Steel shell to protect the inner fibers effectively. Compact Design and Compatible with 3C3® 4 Cutout Fiber Enclosures

Key Features

  • Complied to ANSI/TIA-568-C.3, IEEE 802.3ba and adheres to ANSI/TIA-942
  • Adapter panel is made of steel plate
  • Flexible configuration, installation fast.
  • Pull buckle fixed, installation MTP/MPO adapter.
  • 12F Cassette: 6LC Duplex at front and 1x12F MPO at rear
  • 24F Cassette: 6LC Quad at front and 2x12F MPO at rear
  • Covered under 3C3® Performance Warranty


  • Configuration Details

    Adapter type (front):LC-QT ×6Pcs, SC DX ×6Pcs, LC DX ×6Pcs, SC SX ×6Pcs
    Adapter color (front):Aqua: OM3/OM4 ; Beige: OM1/OM2 Blue: SM-UPC ; Green: SM-APC
    Adapter type (rear):MPO/MTP (Full flange/Opposed)
    Adapter color (rear):Black
    Connector A:SM : LC-UPC, 0.9mm or LC-APC, 0.9mm MM:LC-UPC, 0.9mm
    Connector B:SM : MPO/MTP(male)-APC, MM: MPO/MTP(male)-PC
    Patch cord polarity:Type A
  • Optical performance

    TypeWavelengthModule I.L Max