Cable Bunching Tool

Part Code: 41085


The Cable Bunching Tool efficiently arranges up to 24 data cables to optimize bundle size and improve installed appearance. The organized cables can then be easily secured using Velcro’s & Loop Cable Ties. The tool’s ergonomic, compact design is comfortable for installers to handle and also works well in tight spaces.

Key Features

  • Reduces cable installation time up to 50% compared to traditional methods
  • Arrange cables in up to 24 positions for optimal bundle size and aesthetics
  • Two inserts handle multiple network cable diameters
  • Unique design allows twist-free bundling from the end or the middle of bundle
  • Smooth edges; safe for use on network cables preventing cable abrasion
  • Impact resistant material and low friction design to glide smoothly across cable bundle
  • Covered under 3C3® Standard Product Warranty


  • Mechanical Specification

    Dimension:75mm Diameter / 20mm Thickness
    No of Slots:   8
    Cable Capacity:  24 ( 8 Slots x 3 Nos )
    Cable Hole Diameter:8.5 mm Nominal