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Pre-terminated Copper Harness Cables


Pre-terminated copper trunk cables are designed to provide assured performance and easy installation for structured cabling systems in backbone and enterprise networks. Featured with less labor costs and high quality assurance, the pre-terminated copper trunk cable is a bundle of category cables, built with a choice of 6, 12, or 24 cable bundle and factory terminated with jacks and plugs. They allow fast and easy installation with reduced labor costs in large copper infrastructures with high-density cross-connection and patching systems. The pre-terminated copper cable assemblies offered by 3C3® are pre-bundled and pre-labeled styles, available in Cat 5e, Cat6 and Cat6A UTP and STP cable constructions with each available in jack to jack, plug to plug and jack to plug termination ends


  • Fast and easy installation with reduced labor costs.
  • Cable assemblies are 100% factory tested with test results available for each link.
  • Accommodate most patch panel port densities.
  • Easy-to-manage cable to promote better airflow and organization.
  • High-performance Cat6A, Cat6, Cat5e pre-terminated patch cables with professional grade keystone Jacks that are designed to greatly reduce installation time.
  • Available in unshielded and shielded twisted pair cable assemblies, with either jack-to-jack or jackto-RJ45 connector configurations to accommodate almost any custom application.


Parameter Values
Material Bare Copper
Insulation Diameter 1.04±0.06 mm
Jack Type 8P8C (8-position, 8-contact) RJ45 style keystone jack
Wiring Scheme ANSI/TIA-C.2: T5682
Wiring Guage Cat6A – 23 AWG; Cat6, Cat5e- 24 AWG
Transmission Media Cat6, Cat5e – Unscreened Twisted Pair (UTP)
Cat6A – Screened Twisted Pair (STP)


  • Pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies can be used for copper cross connect and copper backbone between Ethernet switch and enterprise servers.

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Pre-terminated Copper Harness Cables