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High Density


Fiber Optic MTP to 8 x LC Breakout Cable (40G Cable)

Category 6 High Density Snap – In 1U Jack Panel




MTP Cables are your best choice for high density fiber networks. It’s specifically designed for fast Ethernet, fiber channel, data center and gigabit Ethernet applications. This 8 fiber harness cable is used for a direct connection between QSFP+ to (4) SFP+ ports with no patch panels or intermediate trunks in between. MTP to 8 x LC Cabling system is ideally suited for high density environment that demands space saving cable density and innovative cable management solutions.


  • High Fiber Density (maximum 12 fibers for multimode).
  • Fibers in single connector: 12 fibers.
  • LSZH cable jacket.
  • Insert/pull latching connector.
  • Precision Molded MT ferrule.
  • Comply with telcordia GR-1435-CORE specification.
  • Factory terminated and tested.


Technical Specification
Element Characteristics
Fiber OS1/OS2,OM3,OM4
Cable Nanocable:12 cores; MAX OD: 12 cores – 3mm; Material: PA12(LSZH); Color: Black, Yellow Aqua
Connectors MTP/MPO Connector

MTP Performance Specification
Parameter MTP/PC Single Mode MTP/PC Multi-Mode
Wavelength 1310 nm / 1550 nm 1850 nm / 1310 nm
Insertion Loss ≤ 0.35 dB ≤ 0.35 dB
Return Loss ≤ 50 dB ≤ 30 dB

Connector Performance
Parameter Single Mode Multi-Mode
Fiber 12 12
Insertion Loss ≤ 0.35 dB / ≤ 0.75 dB ≤ 0.35 dB / ≤ 0.60 dB
Return Loss ≥ 60 dB NA
Testing Wavelength 1310nm 850nm


  • Asynchronous Transmission Mode (ATM)
  • CATV , Video and Multimedia
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Industry & Military .
  • Premise Installations