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Copper Testing Tools

LAN Tester

Multi-Functional Network Cable Tester allows you to test wiring continuity for Cat5, Cat6, Phone and Coax cable assemblies. Identifies mis-wires, short circuits and open circuits. Features two piece transmitter and receiver, two BNC-F coax converters and coax terminator.

  • Tests RJ45 (8P8C) UTP, STP Cable.
  • Two-piece design.
  • Master Unit provides Patch cord function Test.
  • Maximum Testing length up to 1000ft
  • Durable case with a built in handle for easy transportation
  • Rubber grip feet to prevent unit from slipping off flat surfaces
  • Runs on one 9V battery (included)
  • Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Data Cable Length measuring & Fault Locator

Multi-Function data cable length measuring & Fault locator is very easy to operate and to solve cable installation problem. It can be used for a number of applications such as cable connection sequence, length, user jumper and cable connection continuity and determine any open circuit, short circuit, jumper or cross-talk interference.

  • The lan Tester can check UTP and STP Cat 5E,6,6A and coaxial cable.
  • It can identify and locate the distance of open or short circuit.
  • With the multifunction tester we can determine the continuity and wiring of the cable pattern Comes with the low battery indicator.
  • It uses TDR(time domain reflectometer) to measure the length and distance of the cable.
  • LCD backlight display.
  • There are 8 remote ID available.
  • Memory mode for 8 memory test results.

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Cable Tracer & Locator (Tonner)

Cable Tracer & locator is for circuit identification. It is a network inspection device that contains wiring tracing, cable order verifying and wiring faults inspection function. The cable tracing function helps users to isolate the cables that they want from a bundle. There are two tracing modes first mode is the default mode when turn the device on. Second, press any button of the scan buttons, and switch back to the tracing mode from any other mode.

  • Wire tracker to provide both digital and analog technology.
  • Track the wires when connection with most Ethernet switch, Router and PC terminal.
  • The Wire-tracking function of telephone wire cables.
  • The Wire-tracking functions of video cable, USB and electric power circuit.
  • Find the open-circuit position in the wires.
  • Provide LED indication, the unique audio and the proof-reading function of network cables.
  • Direct-current level test function.
  • Telephone wires signal detection function.
  • Low-voltage indication function.
  • Sensitivity volume trimming function Compatible with 3C3® Rapid Termination Tool.
  • Headphone function.

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Toner (Accessory for NCT-101)

Multifunctional Tester for RJ-45 LAN Cable, BNC/F coaxial cable, tone generator, talk battery, continuity. It is the useful tool set for electrical appliance contractors in the VDV (Voice/Data/Video) market, professionals in telecommunication, network and digital communications, VDV detection and failure diagnosis.

  • Automatic Power-off
  • Possibility of headphones connection.
  • Connection map test: Discontinuity, short circuit, reversed pairs, crossed pairs.
  • LED signal strength indication.
  • Transmitter Toner interfaces: RJ45, BNC, Test Cable.
  • Maximum test cable length of 1000m.
  • Possibility of identifying and tracing wires or cables with no damage to insulation.
  • Tracing a tone, cable continuity , polarity, verifying a line.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Alligator clips to connect open wires and for direct connection of internet and telephone cables.

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